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Nappy Repair Service Now Available

Posted by The Nappy Guru on

Do you have some cloth nappies that need some TLC? We can help!

We do nappy repairs at affordable prices and with a quick turn around time depending on the number of nappies and what needs fixing.  

If  you have elastics that are slack on the legs, you  maybe getting leaks and if you have slack waist elastics the nappy won't contain those messy "poonamis" that go right up the back.

We can replace slack elastics, freying or loose velcro and velcro that has lost it's stickiness. We also can fix broken snaps to keep those nappies going for longer.

Our aim is to keep reusable nappies out of landfill (because we are not sure if these can be recycled just yet) and be reused over and over - which of course is much better for the environment! This is why we have made it affordable enough to get it repaired than than buying brand new - especially great for your favourite brands and prints. 

Budget price for nappy repair is around $7.50/nappy and we use the best quality elastics and velcro used by other nappy makers and we use Size 20 KAM Snaps and have a great range of colours to match. 

My mother,  Sriyani, is our in house Chief Repair Officer (CRO). She's a beautiful soul with heart of gold and excellent sewing skills. She loves what she does and you can tell by the workmanship.  

If you want some nappies repaired, get in touch! Let us know how many nappies you want fixed, the brands, what needs to happen and of course some photos to help us to send you a quote or you can go to the link here for more information:

If you have excellent to great quality nappies that do not require repairs we are happy to take them to either take to our workshops or sell as a low cost REBORN nappy kit  for people wanting to try out cloth nappies before they take the plunge! 

For repairs and/or donations, send me a message and lets try to help each other :) 


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