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About Us

Nappies & More Eco Store is a subsidiary of The Nappy Guru in Perth Western Australia specializing in products that help to make switching to cloth nappies easier. 

There are many cloth nappy stores and then there are many eco product stores but it can get quite overwhelming for the complete beginner! We only provide tried and tested products that help to make it easier for parents and carers get started in their cloth nappy journey. 

Hi,  I am Kam and I started my cloth nappy journey in 2017 with my second baby. I had never even heard of modern cloth nappies with my first and cloth nappies brought up images of stinky soaking buckets, doing origami with terry towelling and sticking safety pins near babies!!!

However, all this changed when I received a package in the mail with some beautiful nappy covers for for my sister in Sri Lanka where terry nappies are still the norm and she wanted me to check the package for the correct contents. It was like opening Pandora's Box because I am happy to say I had fallen down the rabbit hole that is MCNs and have never looked back.

Nappies and More is for those parents who maybe a bit overwhelmed or confused (just like I was once) but still want to give cloth nappies a go despite all the "nay-sayers" around them.  I can only say don't stress, it's not hard or yucky and you will love the feeling knowing that you are saving money and doing the right thing for our precious environment!