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Cotton Prefolds - Newborn Size

Real Nappies

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Made with ORGANIC cotton – A natural fibre nappy for your sensitive baby’s skin, but even better because it is organic.

Premium quality 100% organic cotton fibre and unbleached with superior softness, absorbency and durability wash after wash.

Newborn size will fit perfectly  in a pocket nappy and because it is a trifold it will be one of the fastest drying most absorbent inserts you could have with pocket nappies and one of the cheapest options.

If your baby is sensitive to wetness, use reusable liners on top to help keep the baby feeling dry.

You will need a "snappi" and a nappy cover if using as a nappy. Otherwise just fold in three for the perfect size for any type of nappy cover. 


  • 100% organic Indian cotton.
  • Natural, soft inserts that are comfortable to wear and breathe naturally.
  • Certified to the highest Oeko-Tex ecological standards.
  • Certified Organic.
  • All Real Nappies cotton inserts are free of chlorine bleach, plastics and chemicals, meaning no irritation for babies’ sensitive skin.
  • Layers of natural cotton sewn together for superior absorbency.
  • Guaranteed to last through two babies!
  • Easily customise your nappies to give your little one absorbency where they need it most.
  • Packs come in multiples of 6  in a divine reusable drawstring cotton bag, which has a thousand uses
TIP: To build up absorbency, wash at least once before use and change baby often - every hour for the first 3 times these are worn.