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Medium Wet/Dry Bags

Elf Diaper

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These wetbags can fit 5-6 nappies and with separate double zippered compartments to keep clean items from dirty items especially when out and about.  The snap closing handle allows it to be hung on prams while giving you easy access.

With separate compartments this wetbag has multiple uses. Store your wet & dry swimmers &/or towel, clean and dirty underwear, toys and puzzles or use it as a library bag knowing that squashed fruit or opened snacks will never touch those precious books!

Brand: Elf Diaper

Size: 30cm x 40 cm

Material: Made of thick water resistant PUL fabric - which is breathable while containing the smells! MAGIC (or science as smell particles are bigger they won't get through just like water and urine).

Before use: Turn inside out and wash at no higher than 60deg C. Dry in shade avoid bleach, harsh chemicals and high heat. 

Great as a fundraisers for day cares, P&C/schools or playgroups with $5 from each bag sold going to your group!! Get in touch to see if this is something you would like to do.