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Nappy Repairs or Strip and Sanitisation Service for Second Hand Nappies

The Nappy Guru

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Have you bought or received nappies that have slack elastics? Do you have nappies that have broken snaps or velcro that's lost it's stick or coming away from the seam?  Do you want to make sure second hand nappies are safe for your baby?

Let us help. Here at The Nappy Guru HQ we've Stripped & Sanitised and fixed over 2000 nappies!


Brands we have fixed elastic successfully include:

  • Hippybottomus,
  • Alva Baby
  • Happy Flute
  • Mama Koala
  • PeaPods
  • My Little Gumnut
  • Baby Beehinds
  • Baby Bare Cubs and Teddies,
  • Bubblebubs
  • Bambino Mio,
  • Tots Bots,
  • Bambooty,
  • Designer Bums
  • GroVia 
  • Little Aussie Monster
  • Econaps
  • Crackadaks
We also do brands that have "Rolled Elastic" like older Baby Beehinds nappies, Working at Home Maker (WAHM) nappies, night nappies and fitted nappies.  These will be slightly altered as a channel will be sewn on to feed the new elastics through. 
We do not do elastic repairs on brands that have elastic sewn onto the seams eg Alcmena, Seedling Baby, Close Pop Ins, Baby Bare Honey Pots, Peekaboo, Bare and Boho, Big W Big Softies, Minnie and Mae.

If your nappy brand is not listed above - that's ok - just contact us before placing order and we may ask you for some photos!
We have a great variety of KAM snap colours to match the snaps that require fixing. 
We fix velcro that are losing grip or just coming away from seams.  We can do complete velcro replacement.
We can Strip and Sanitise any smelly discoloured or second hand nappies as per the method prescribed on cleanclothnappies.com (The bible in cloth nappy care)! This will ensure your nappies are safe for your baby by resetting them for a fresh start. 
This will involve a long soak using stain remover + Detergent (Strip)  and bleach or high temperature wash (Sanitisation) to kill microbes.  A S&S will ensure all your nappies are safe for your baby and they will be ready to wear when you receive them.  
What you need to do: 
  • Choose the type of repair required or Strip & Sanitise (S&S) option.
  • Choose the number of nappies that require the type of repair under quantity.  (For S&S the  Qty = 1 for upto 5kgs of nappies and inserts. For 5-10 kgs  - choose 2 in Qty and so on). 
  • Place Order and Pay
  • Wait to be contacted with the address to send the nappies to 
  • Send the nappies to us at address provided in Mt Nasura WA 6112 with a self addressed satchel or label to return the fixed nappies. 
How long does it take? 
Usual turnaround for nappy fixes and S&S is around  2 weeks from receipt but will depend on the quantity sent and how many people require this service ahead of you. Elastic repairs take 30mins -1 Hour per nappy  to complete and we can do about 5-8 nappies/day and by hand.  Nappy repairs are done in a first come first serve basis - so you will be placed in a queue.
What if I am not completely happy?
If you are unhappy with the repairs, you can let us know by email with pictures. We will work together to come up with a solution or you will be offered a refund or store credit. There are no warranties given with nappy repairs however you can be assured that we are experts in the field and only use material bought here in Australia from reputable companies.  If your nappy is under warranty - contact the company you bought from first as nappy repairs can void their warranty. 

Who is doing the repairs?
Elastics and Velcro Repairs are done by my mother (Sriyani) while I (Kam)  do the snap replacements. Our mission is to ensure nappies have a long life and keep them out of landfill as long as we possibly can. We want to  encourage re-use so we have decided to keep the price as reasonable as possible to enable more people to afford nappies!

I have other Questions....
Please email kam@thenappyguru.com.au or send a Message via Messenger! We are happy to answer before you place your order!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Highly recommend for BBH elastic replacement

I was given Kam’s details by Baby Beehinds as ‘the only lady they know who is amazing’ at replacing elastics.
I sent our nappies to Kam and her mum and was so happy with the end result.
Fast, easy and affordable process.
I highly recommend!

Nicole Bemi-Morrison
Nappy elastic repair

I had half a dozen MCN's (mixed brands including Baby Bare and BabyBeehinds) elastics repaired and couldn't be happier with the service. My old nappies are like new! Great value for money and they even repaired a broken snap for me. Highly recommended!