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Nappy Wash Instruction Magnets x 2

The Nappy Guru

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It's the small things in life that makes a big I right? Just like these two small magnets that takes a load off your mind(  <-- see what I did there?) that hopefully prompts a partner, friend, family member to help you out with nappy washing. Just stick the appropriate magnet on the washing machine depending on the wash stage you are doing. EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY!

If you are anything like me, you may have been apprehensive about others helping with your precious nappies in the past, in case they mess up your perfect routine .... but it may have ALSO meant they are too scared to help in case The Dragon gets released :P

There are two small checklists on each magnet to act as memory joggers to minimise laundry disasters, while still letting others (and your tired little Mumma (or Pappa brain)) know which laundry stage you are upto with the washing!  

A quick heads up will hopefully prompt and inspire anyone to take the next step, so that no one is second guessing and leaving it for someone else because it's all too hard.

At this price, why not grab a couple of spare sets for your fellow cloth nappy friends as a gift! They are going to love you.....guaranteed!

PS - Feel free to order your comprehensive and personalised nappy Wash Routine to standards and a bonus printed copy  as well as an electronic version will be sent out with these magnets.  - Another great way to empower your loved ones while reducing your (mental) load!!!  

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