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Stuff 'n' Go ELF DIAPER Night Nappy

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Are you ready to try cloth nappies during the night?  It's super easy  to have a go with our Stuff 'n' go Night Nappy!

This night nappy includes 4 inserts with a total of 15 layers!

Super trim - Even with all 4 inserts baby will feel comfortable without having their tush up in the air while sleeping.

Fast drying - No need to wait for days for your nappy to dry  because all inserts are only 3 or 4 layers each and are independent of each other so no more winter blues waiting for your night nappy to dry in time! No folding either - just grab and stuff in to our roomy pocket nappy. 

Perfectly Customisable -  Use 2 inserts for day time,  Use both bamboos and hemp for naps then all 4 inserts for a good night sleep.   

Affordable - Did you see the price tag on this beauty? You won't regret giving this a go with a special deal below if it doesn't work -  READ ON!

Choose your Cover

Both pocket nappy styles are super roomy for easy stuffing for even the biggest hands - so why not delegate this task to someone else!

Let us know your choice of print by going to the links on covers and leaving a note at checkout or if you'd like surprise print let us know Girl/Boy/Unisex and we'll choose for you :) 

Comes with 4 Inserts

Insert Options for you to try :

  • Standard  (Microfiber + 4 layer Bamboo Terry + 3 layer Hemp Cotton)
  • Heavy Wetter (Microfiber + 4 layer Bamboo Cotton + 3 layer Hemp Cotton)
  • Super Wetter (Microfiber + 4 layer Bamboo Terry + 4 layer Bamboo Cotton + 3 layer Hemp Cotton).  PRO TIP: Fold the two Bamboo inserts in half and place in the wet zone (near middle of the pocket for girls and near the front for boys) to give extra absorbency where it's needed most! 

Before FIRST use: Soak inserts over night and wash nappy and all inserts. Inserts can take upto 4-6 washes to build up to their full capacity - so just use during day time for the first 4-6 times. 

Wash and Care: To prevent build up of ammonia due to high concentrations of urine in night nappies,  it is recommended that all night nappies be given a quick hot wash with a little detergent once used. Then place it in an airy basket (like a strucket) before  it goes through your normal prewash and main wash routine as with other day time nappies. 

Bonus Offer: If your combo of 4 inserts are flooded within 2-3 hours after 10 wears during the day your child needs a dedicated night nappy. Don't give up hope - we can help you find you a suitable dedicated night nappy using our Night Nappy Trial Hire  for a discounted price of Just $60 for 3 weeks to try 7 different nappies - a $30 discount for giving our Night Nappy a go!

 TESTIMONIAL: "Night nappy doing a good job" - Geraldine P - 24/11/2021 

"I bought a nappy with snaps and double gussets along with 3 inserts as the website suggests for a night nappy. I was pleasantly surprised to find no leaks overnight though a very full nappy in the morning. Previously was using huggies disposable nappies for night and could feel the dampness through baby’s clothes and sleep sack. Very happy that it’s doing the trick and the Dino print is super cute too."

Customer Reviews

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Rachel Sturmer
Great night nappy

Great night nappy for my 3 month old. So far just using the hemp and micro fibre layer but it fits really well and leak free overnight! I’ll try adding the bamboo layers once bub is a bit bigger.