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Cotton Velour Wipes

The Nappy Guru

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Here are your must have Zero waste and Eco Friendly alternative to paper and disposable wipes  that will save you lots money in the long run!

Hand made in WA by The Nappy Guru!!!

All wipes are made of a single layer of cotton Velour (100% cotton) that is terry on one side for a bit of grip and smooth on the other for dabbing and drying sensitive skin.

Baby Wipes (pack of 12): 23 cm x 23 cm square shaped - comes in packs of 12 - great for hands, faces and bums. Fast drying super absorbent alternative to disposable wipes. 

Kitchen Wipes (pack of 8): 23cm  x 34 cm aka Non-Paper Towels. These have studs added so they can snap onto each other and rolled up to use similar to paper towels to clean up spills and mess. Hot wash recommended.

Toilet Wipes/Family Cloth (pack of 10): 12cm x 25cm reusable option to toilet paper. Snap together and rolled up. Remove majority of poo using conventional toilet paper and use to dry wees or wet slightly with water for a thorough clean.   Keep a wetbag or mesh bag hanging near the toilet  to add used wipes.  Add the mesh bag or wet bag to your normal hot wash and it comes out perfectly clean - just like cloth nappies.  All toilet wipe kit has snaps added with the last wipe is snapped onto a cloth sleeve. TIP: Flatten the roll to ensure only one  wipe comes out at a time!

Allow for 1 cm variations as a handmade product made with love.  

First use - wash normally to remove any manufacturing residue.

Tips and Tricks: You can wet with plain water before use . Rinse any muck off before storing in a wetbag or mesh bag if particularly messy.  Best Washed at 60 deg C. If using a wetbag open zippers before adding to wash. If using a laundry mesh bag, close zippers. 

Baby Wipes and Toilet Wipes are 100% compostible. Remove studs before composting Kitchen wipes.