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Elf Diaper Trial Pack - 3 Nappies 6 inserts 3 wetbags

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Do you want to try out cloth nappies but don't want to spend a fortune?

Do you want to give the gift of reusable products for a parent who might want to try out cloth nappies? 

This pack gives you a taste of the essentials to start using reusable nappies and accessories without the huge price tag.  with 3 nappies and 6 super absorbent inserts and 3 waterproof wetbags that can be used not just for cloth nappies but for storing wipes, wet/dirty clothes  .

Total Value: $100 RRP


Feel free to Leave a note at checkout for pattern preferences and pod bag preference or just let me choose for you.  The picture shown is an example only. You have total control over your nappy and wetbag selection. 

Remember: Every reusable nappy used is one less in landfill and with 3 nappies you can use one a day while one is getting washed. 1 nappy a day for 2.5 years adds upto 912 nappies less in landfill and over $300 (ie $0.35/nappy x 912 nappies) in savings!

TIP: Here is the perfect pack for local councils and other nappy workshop organisers hoping to introduce cloth nappies to parents! Why not give away a few as a door prize to encourage people to attend cloth nappy workshops!