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Microfleece Liners

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Microfleece nappy liners helps babies feel dry when used on top inserts made of natural fibres like bamboo, cotton and hemp. Great for babies who are particularly sensitive to wetness or gets redness from disposable nappy liners.

These liners make it easier to deal with soiling as you can remove the liner and the mess and plop the poo into the toilet. Do not flush the liners!

These liners protect your nappy from stains and is a great alternative to flushable/single use liners as they can be washed and reused.

How to use: Empty solid waste into the toilet, rinse (dunk & swish or use a scrubber brush if particularly sticky), then pop the liner into your wash with your inserts & covers.  Once dry, simply lay over the top of your inserts before putting a nappy on your baby.

Size: 12cm ×32cm

Material: 100% polyester.

Recommend amount is  20-30 for full time use. They dry within a hour or two  if air dried and can also be tumble dried.

Customer Reviews

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A good thing to have

These liners have been an important addition to our cloth nappy collection. They help to keep moisture away from bubs skin, and have spared our nappies from stains due to nappy rash creams.