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Baby Wipes-Double Layer Flannelette

The Nappy Guru

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These wipes are lovely and soft on your baby’s skin and super absorbent!

Save upto $230 a year* with reusable baby wipes and say good bye to disposable wipes full of chemicals and fragrances that can cause allergic reactions in a lot of babies .

Great for hands, faces and wiping away all the mess.

Just wet with plain water before use. Rinse any muck off before storing in a wetbag/mesh bag. Wash same as nappies at 40-60 deg C.

Hand made in WA by me - The Nappy Guru!!!

Material: 2 x layers of 100% cotton flannelette – over locked together!

Size: 21 cm x 21 cm – allow for 1 cm variations as cut by hand and made with love!

Also great as ”family cloth” an alternative to toilet paper – just store used ones in a wet bag/mesh bag and throw in with nappies.

*2 wipes x 4 cents/wipe x 8 changes/day x 365=$233

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