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Want to Try before you Buy? Nappy hire now available!

Posted by The Nappy Guru on

With cloth nappies it's hard to know which brands to buy and if cloth nappies will suit your family and lifestyle...right? 

I was in this exact same position when I was pregnant with Saji, all I knew was that cloth nappies were very cute and that I wanted to save money and reduce waste. Both my partner and I were between jobs at the time and I wasn't sure about dealing with poo, how much actual time and effort cloth nappies required and which ones to actually to buy and I couldn't waste our hard earned savings trying lots of different brands!

With some research, I came across a "nappy library" service and it was the best decision for us to start our cloth journey! Along with the guidance from a nappy expert, I loved having a great collection of nappies and accessories I had heard about on the chat grouops right there to compare side by side but on my baby! 

I loved it so much that I started my own Nappy library Service here in Perth WA where you can try lots of different brands before narrowing down to purchase, hire for the short newborn stage or try out the expensive night nappies and WAHM nappies at a fraction of the cost! All you need is a baby, a washing machine, detergent and washing line! Everything else is provided :)

Just be aware that kits can get booked out months in advance so better to book now than later! 


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