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Elf Diaper Wipeable Nappy Covers

Elf Diaper

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This is the most economical way to do cloth nappies!

As long as the cover itself is not soiled or wet, you can keep reusing them by giving a quick wipeover or hand rinse (they dry super quick!) and adding a new insert. 6-12 of these covers with 36 inserts will be plenty for one child if washing every second day! 

Use them with traditional nappies like terry towelling or flannelette squares folded in a pad fold, origami or kite fold. If you do not know these folds - try youtube!

TIP: If you do disposable nappies over night these covers will save your sheets if they get flooded. Just pop one over the top of the disposable nappy for a bit of re-assurance!

The price shown is for One cover only - buy inserts sold separately here

Add a cotton prefold  paired with bamboo terry 4 layer insert &/or hemp booster for a highly absorbent night nappy solution!  

One Size Fits Most (OSFM) - Suitable from 4 -16 kgs using the  adjustable rise snaps at the front. 

Washing and Care: Wash at 40-60 deg C and air dry in the shade or tumble dry on low. Excessive heat reduces the life of the waterproofing layers and elastics!