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Pretty & Pink - Elf Diaper

Elf Diaper

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Dads, Grandies, Day care educators and other child minders will love you for choosing these nappies as these are the easiest nappies to get right thanks to velcro adjustment!

Don't panic -  unlike some cheap hook and loop nappies these won't ever curl and come loose in the wash and stick to everything else.  

The water proofing layer of these nappies are  made from a  soft but thicker material (TPU) than your average PUL and is printed with fashionable prints. Everyone will want to know where you got these beauties from! 

Say good by to Nappy rash with the soft suede cloth that keeps your baby feeling dry and comfortable with it's high breathability unlike polyethelene used in disposable nappies with almost no airflow! 

These nappies are One Size Fits Most (OSFM) and adjusts from your skinny minny 4kg to the busy 16 kg toddler thanks to the extra line of rise snaps  other "cheap" nappies just don't have. 

INSERTS (Not Included)

To make the nappy last 3 hours, pair a fast absorbing microfiber insert with a natural fiber insert (eg cotton prefold or a 5 layer bamboo or a hemp booster) that can hold on to the biggest flood! Good bye Leaks!!!

Stuffing these nappies is a breeze - there's plenty of room in the pocket  even for the biggest hands (Yep - it's a great job to delegate to dad)!


You can use these pockets on their own (without inserts) as swim nappies or over a disposable nappy at night as an extra insurance against leaks? You are welcome :) 

"These are beautiful, breathable, super absorbent and the easiest for carers, grand parents and dare I say it ....dads!" 

BE WARNED: Cloth Nappy Addiction is Real !!! :D Especially with prints like these!