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Hemp Trifold


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Want extra boosting for a night nappy? The RAWr trifold hemp nappy insert is a great choice to fold in newborn covers or as nappy boosting in any traditional or modern cloth nappy.

  • Two layers of OEKO-Tex 100 certified hemp fleece (55% hemp, 45% organic cotton OE – Organic Blended Certified)
  • For use as hemp boosting in any cloth nappy to improve absorbency with natural, organic and durable fabric
  • Use with any Night Nappy 
  • Generously sized trim but thirsty hemp fleece (42cm x34cm) absorbs over 200ml

Nappy inserts and boosters come with rainbow overlocking (serging).

Did you Know that washing cotton, hemp and bamboo inserts frequently increases their capacity? This is because more these natural fabrics are washed - more their fibers break (or felt) which increases the surface area! More surface area = more absorbency!