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Fleece Covers - Custom Made to Order

Handmade by Violet Brown

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Fleece covers are the easy going cousin of the Wool covers and will give you peace of mind for a good night's sleep with very low maintenace!

Are your night nappies are leaking?  Have you... 

  • Added more inserts for absorbency? Remember you need lots of layers for 12 hours!
  • Checked the fit around the legs and waist to make sure it's completely sealed?
  • Made sure that all absorbent inner parts of the nappy are are tucked inside a cover and not causing wicking?

If you did all that and still leaks - it's time for a fitted  night nappy (a nappy that is made completely of absorbent bamboo or hemp with lots of layers!)  and get yourself a few of these awesome fleece covers! Fleece covers works by  repelling the liquid back to the absorbent parts keeping  bed sheets and pyjamas dry!

Material: 100% polyester

Made in Australia

Available in the following Sizes:

  • Newborn/small - 3-6kg 
  • Med - 5-8kg 
  • Large - 9-12kg 
  • XL - 12-16kg

There's an extra layer of  fleece sewn between the legs for further assurance!

These are fast drying and if it's not wet or soiled just air out before using again.

TIP: Buy 2-3 if you plan to wash every second day.

Did you know that although wool is natural alternative to fleece wool covers need special care with lanolin added for waterproofing? Some babies even find wool covers itchy due to allergies. Wool covers will shrink and felt if they accidentally go through a hot wash! Don't take that chance, Fleece covers are easy to put on, easy to maintain and easy to wash with the rest of the washing!!!

These are hand made to order so there’s a few weeks lead time - don’t delay order now. Just leave a note on the order with your fabric print preference or send a message via FB messenger with your order number and your print preferences.