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The "Day Care Ready" Pack

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 Here is a pack ready to send to day care

Make sure you send the nappies fully  assembled with  inserts in the pockets  and reusable liners on top for faster nappy changes so there's no fiddling around. 

  • 6 x OSFM Nappy  Shell with Velcro  - Elf Diaper $84 RRP
  • 1 x Pod Bag - Elf Diaper  $16.50 RRP
  • 1 x Medium Double Pocket Wetbag  - Elf Diaper $15 RRP
  • 12 x 4 layer Bamboo inserts - $42 RRP
  • 6 x Microfleece liners -  $3 RRP
Total Value over $160 RRP

Leave a note at checkout for pattern preferences on nappies, pod bag and wetbag! Otherwise say "girl colours, boy colours or neutral" and I will make a selection for you!!! 

Ask the carer to put wet nappies in the large wetbag and poo nappies after removing the poo in the toilet in the smaller compartment of the large wetbag.

Tips & Tricks:

1. Write your child's name on the underside of the tag in permanent marker for easy identification if lost. 

2. Ensure the rise snaps are adjusted so that carers don't have to. 

3. If your child is attending two or more days in a row - Buy two packs - you will always have one pack  ready even if the other is in the wash!